Allyson (Pucci) Ryan

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The past week has been a flood of memories, thinking of Mike, and through the sadness I’m feeling, I can’t help but smile at all of our memories together. Recently I had taken my 5 year old daughter to Bristol and felt such joy at seeing her ski the same mountain Mike and I learned to ski on together. I remember taking lessons together and the talks and jokes on the ski lift. His sense of humor and sarcasm was the best! We had a lot of common friends in those old days, but I felt my own special bond with Mike back then. We shared laughs on the school bus together, and I still remember his exact reaction when I asked him to Junior Prom – we were both pining over others, but had such a good friendship, we knew we’d have a ball together, and did! I’m so glad Holly posted the yearbook photo – the Mr. Derse tape throwing incident is also one of my favorite memories, we were talking and goofing around (as usual) and Mr. Derse whipped the tape at us to get us to quiet down. Hysterical! Will never forget the look on Mike’s face! I’ll treasure and keep the memories I have of Mike always, and am so saddened by his abrupt departure from this world. The entire Guinta family you are in my thoughts and prayers through this sad time, I hope the joy Mike brought to all of us helps you through. Much love and peace…Allyson

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