Holly (Yaeger) Royals

Posted by: In: Memories 04 Apr 2013 Comments: 0

I spent last night going through old yearbooks and photos, thinking about Mike, Wayne Central and life in the 90′s! The biggest memory I have of Mike, is the same one he mentioned in his Senior Yearbook “Will Always Remember” section…..”going out with HY for a whole 3 weeks.” I also found every picture in my yearbook that year with a heart around Mike’s face. Even though our “teen love” may have been short-lived, he remained a good friend and it’s been nice to read the stories of more recent years and learn he hadn’t changed from the sweet, funny, and kind guy I knew in high school. My heart and thoughts are with the Giunta family and all the other friends who were lucky enough to have a friendship with Mike along the way. He will be missed, but if his yearbook 2nd life plan comes true he’s a ski bum and enjoying the slopes.

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