Jon Newman

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My son Jack was in the car with me when Harvey called me on the cell and told me the horrendous news. When I told Jack what happened he cried and said he will miss Mike. The three of us had gone skiing together earlier this winter and Jack always talked about what a great guy Mike was and “an awesome skiier too”. I too will forever miss Mike.

We were work partners for 8 years on that little PET trailer. We could almost predict each other’s moves. I’ve worked in the health care field for a very long time and with many many people and I can honestly say that nobody, not anyone ever showed as much compassion and caring towards the patients as did Mike.

It’s been almost a week now and everyday I’m in constant disbelief trying to come to terms with this. Everyday at the different hospitals that we go to people are hearing about what happened. The expression of sadness and deep sorrow from so many people is overwhelming. Mike’s reach was far, he touched so many and was loved and admired by so many. I feel blessed just to have known him.

Mr. & Mrs. Giunta and family, I realize that there are no adequate words that can possibly bring comfort to you at this time. The pain and sorrow you feel is just incomprehensible. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Mike will be greatly missed.

Love Jon Newman and my family, Kristina, Jack and Sydney….

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