Karen Begy Platt

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I had the privilege of watching Mike grow up with my nephew…from a fun loving little kid, through the teen and college years and into adulthood with a career that I understand he did with excellence and compassion and a life filled with so many friends and people who loved him.

When I used to take my daughter to Hanks to get ice cream Mike would always take some time to come out and visit with us. The last time I saw Mike was in September at a picnic at my sister’s house. We had such a great conversation and he gave me some really useful advice. My sister told me that he had recently texted her and wanted her to let me know if I ever needed to talk I could text or email him anytime. Mike always had a smile and made time for people because he truly cared for everyone in his life and he made sure that was known.

I have been thinking about Mike so much this past week and I am so saddened by his loss. For every life Mike touched I know he left memories that will bring happiness and a smile. His kindness and gentleness will never be forgotten. I feel blessed to have known him.

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