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As I read through the stories and remember 911, that horrific tragedy, I also want to focus on all the wonderful acts of kindness, generosity and stories of total strangers “giving back” to ease pain and heal our country. It truly restored my faith in humanity back then.

Recently I experienced that same compassion first hand which was of course on a much smaller scale, but none-the-less, so healing! At our son’s garage sale/fundraiser we experienced total strangers helping each other load and even deliver furniture, others buying items and then returning the following day to give us their household items to sell for donation to our son’s foundation. Generous grandparents helping their struggling grandchildren purchase items for college dorms and apartments, nurses and other medical professionals offering to donate without purchasing and offering words of comfort, offers to toast our son and pray for our family when using his wine and other glasses, neighbors stopping by to donate on their way out of town on vacation, family members taking time off work and time away from babysitting to help me out, a cherished cousin who lent me her cash box to use(which was filled with change, 1′s and five dollar bills for donation), so many friends who stopped by to purchase things they didn’t need or probably even want, those offering their love and support, a generous friend writing a very generous check to our son’s foundation. The stories go on and on. THANK YOU so very much!!! You turned a difficult task into a precious memory which helped us all heal.

My prayers go out to all who have lost their cherished loved ones, in hopes that you will be as blessed as I am.

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