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I am sad that I did not get a chance to attend his cape cid services because I just found out what happened to my friend recently. Secondly I just found this website and it is an amazing thing hif family has dine for him. I got the pleasure of living with mike and bailey in marstonts mill s with my dog. Qhen I first told mike about my situation he welcomed me & my dog wuth open arms. I lived and have been friends wuth mike since only 2009. I wish I got the pleasure to know him longer. Although I am thankful for knowing him at all. He was always a great friend, an extremely hard worker, and always full of happiness & laughter. I think my favorite memory with mike was the weekly dog walks we would take to the pond. Our dogs loved each other, and those walks I miss greatly. We would end up walking&talking for hours without realizing how long it had been! I miss you mike & I know you’re watching down on us.

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