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We have many fond memories of Mike’s presence in our lives. They will remain with us.

Our relationship with Mike goes back to middle school when he, Brian Beh and our Brian became good friends. During those years we had the joy of seeing him on a somewhat regular basis. We remember those days very well because Mike stood out in the most positive of ways. Even in those years Mike showed the attributes and people skills that defined him as an adult. He demonstrated insight and compassion beyond his young years. He was sensitive to the needs of others and he showed vision. He was bright, articulate, outgoing and a good conversationalist. He was the “idea” guy who always came up with interesting and fun things to do with his friends. He was never afraid to think and dream outside the box. He was always there for his friends and gave from the heart. We respected Mike in those years just as we do today.

After college and career moves, we didn’t get to see Mike often enough. But on those occasions when we did see him, he was still the same Mike we had known for years. Often we would talk about an idea or plan he had for his future like a move to Boston or a job change. We always enjoyed talking with him. We admire him for letting his dreams and vision take him far.

Mike was true to himself. He became the kind of man his parents and brother can be very proud of. He lived by the Golden Rule, he truly did for others as he wanted others to do for him. We will miss him greatly but our admiration and respect for him will never leave.

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