Matt and Cindy Frank

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When we bought Hanks Ice Cream in 1995, Mike came with it! He was a tenured employee at the young age of 17! He actually trained us because he was so well trained by Hank himself! I will always remember him in the pink zuba hat which all were required to wear! His passion was decorating cakes, and he was so good at it! He took some razzing but he didn’t care, he knew what he enjoyed. We’ve kept in touch over the years trough FB, I had found his old original employee paper work a few months back and had quite a laugh about the note from his mom giving him permission to work on school nites bc his school grades were very good. I mailed it all to him to also have a laugh! Kathy and Tom and Ryan all your memories of a great son & brother will hopefully help you to get thru this difficult time. All our love!

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