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Mike, Brian, and I @ Jack Astors during our first year of college

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Mike and I suffered through the chicken pox together. We even broke our arms together, which was unfortunately while we had chicken pox. He was a great companion through those awkward days growing up. :)

My most fond memories of Mike and the Giunta clan were at the annual camp out. Those were truly great times.

Sadly, Mike and I had fallen out of touch after high school. I’m happy to say though that a few months ago he and I opened a time capsule that we sealed in 1992. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to relive our adolescent years together.

My condolences to the Giunta family and all of you who were blessed like I was to know Mike. I miss you already Mike. Thanks for always being a great friend.

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Brian, Mike and Brian

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God blessed us with two wonderful, beautiful sons and I am honored to be their Mom. Michael touched so many lives and he has always put others before himself. I am beyond proud of the man we shared the last 34 years with! Our loss is truly unbearable and there are simply no words. Mike’s unconditional love, tremendous strength and never ending kindness will continue to guide me as I try to heal. I’ve not only lost my son, but also my best friend….so please love, respect and cherish your children every day, because there is NO greater gift!!!

Thank you for your prayers, calls, emails, texts, kindness and love.

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