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This has become a journal of sorts and today is 5 months since Michael’s passing (it seems like 5 years)! The #28 will stay with me forever for so many reasons, but my challenge is how to turn that “negative” into a “positive” and I will! I enjoy writing, but not just about sadness. Michael gave us so much joy, so many funny (and not so funny) childhood stories to tell and awesome memories. I hope others will continue to remember and to share their funny stories with him through this site…its helps us heal. Thanks so much Ry & Linds for developing this site with help from friends…I love you!

As I was going through childhood photos of Mike and Ryan the other day, I was reminded me of how blessed we are and that gave me such comfort. Sadly, some parents never get to experience that in a lifetime :( The pictures brought a smile to my face and although I miss him, his calls, his caring ways more than words can express…..I know that he is with me always and in my heart forever. I’m going to share a quote that I truly believe in and have always shared with my boys “The most important things in life, aren’t “things”! So collect moments, not “things”. Love, “Chatty Kathy”

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We had our first fundraiser/garage sale in Mike’s memory to establish a scholarship in his name for students going into Nuclear Medicine or a medical research field. “Giving back” to others is what Mike did so freely. He enjoyed helping students step out into the “real world”, assist patients who were struggling and provide quality care. So how better to honor his life?!? There were so many acts of kindness and generosity during our garage sale/ fundraiser….thank you so much! They truly helped heal our souls and mend our broken hearts. Our next fundraiser is a Halloween (his favorite holiday) Walk and celebration. Date/details are being worked on. Thank you and please always…..”Remember Mike”! Love, Kathy

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I am sad that I did not get a chance to attend his cape cid services because I just found out what happened to my friend recently. Secondly I just found this website and it is an amazing thing hif family has dine for him. I got the pleasure of living with mike and bailey in marstonts mill s with my dog. Qhen I first told mike about my situation he welcomed me & my dog wuth open arms. I lived and have been friends wuth mike since only 2009. I wish I got the pleasure to know him longer. Although I am thankful for knowing him at all. He was always a great friend, an extremely hard worker, and always full of happiness & laughter. I think my favorite memory with mike was the weekly dog walks we would take to the pond. Our dogs loved each other, and those walks I miss greatly. We would end up walking&talking for hours without realizing how long it had been! I miss you mike & I know you’re watching down on us.

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Just found this one today and spent some time thinking about Mike. I think this is 2008ish.

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It still feels so surreal that Michael is gone and I still miss him more than words can say. That will be forever, but he would want us to keep moving forward just as he did. His focused on helping others, staying hopeful, generous and kind right to the end. Again, I am beyond proud of him! To all who truly loved him, thank you for continuing to share your special “Mike moments” with me as well as your calls, texts, pictures and love. Please know that it puts a smile on my face in such a positive way. I will continue to honor Mike through his Foundation (thanks Ryan & Linds), continue to focus on all that HE stood for…a wonderful son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson, co-worker, a such a good, good friend to so many. And I will continue to take care of his very special girl…Bailey. We were all truly blessed to have had him in our lives….he made us all better…thanks Mike! I can and will be ok.

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I haven’t written anything to you yet, Mike, because I just can’t seem to put anything together. I think about you every day and I remember all the little things we used to do and say for laughs. Every day I hear your voice in my head saying “hey” in that way you talked BC that was generally the first word we’d say to each other on the phone. I have these moments where I can reminisce about all the time we’ve shared growing up but I also I wish we got to spend more time together in our late 20s and 30s. It may have been far between visits but I’m so happy we talked often on the phone. I want to thank you for watching over us and making good things happen out of a terrible tragedy. You will always be my second brother and will forever be in my thoughts.

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I visit this site often and many times want to write, but don’t know where to begin. I have so many memories of Mike and with Mike. It’s so hard to believe it’s been two months since you left. There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t think of you or I do something that reminds me of you. Simply driving on the thruway the other day passing Starbucks near the Waterloo outlets, where we would stop on our trips back to Boston. I keep waiting for you to call, but I know the sad truth. You are terribly missed and tremendously loved and I know you are shining down on us.

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