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I visit this site often but have not posted yet. I have so many wonderful memories of Mike. He was like a brother to me…one of my best friends. I miss him so much! The memories on this site really warm my heart. The words of Aunt Kathy, Uncle Tom, and Ryan always move me to tears. I think of Mike several times a day and talk to him all the time. He continues to be a great source of strength and inspiration for me. I look forward to telling my daughter all about him and our goofy adventures when she is older. He was such an incredible person!

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Mother’s day weekend at his Memorial was tough, again to see all of his friends, co-workers and his extended family to share their stories of Michael’s life not only on the Cape but at his job as well makes me a proud Dad. I would like to Thank everyone again, we enjoyed meeting with many of you to talk about Michael’s life. He was truly a good man, I only wished he had more time because his friendships made his memories. Well I hope people continue to update this site, its been awhile since the last posting. He is truly in my thoughts every hour and to think almost 8 weeks has past. I’m still thinking he will be calling us. Keep watching for updates, we hope to plan a skiing event in his honor around his birthday, (1/20/14)
Love and miss you

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I met Mike at Strong while doing clinicals for Nuc Med. I learned a lot from Mike in a short time. 9 years later and every time I get called into work for a “pain mibi” I remember Mike saying how they called him “mibi Mike” when he first worked at BI! I was shocked today when I found him on linked in..I was happy to see he ended up back in Boston as I’m trying to get back there too! I found out this afternoon that Mike had passed away- and I just can’t believe it. Mike you left your mark on this world for sure- in many many ways.

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Well it hasn’t been easy, of course when a un-timely death such as Michaels happens you think about all the things you should have or could have said or done. You look for signs that may happen the same time you were thinking of him. Yesterday I went Turkey hunting, didn’t see one, so my thoughts of him consumed my morning even more. Its was a beautiful morning, I left the woods early and heading back to my truck, I stopped and looked back only to see a huge rainbow in the sky (remember it was a beautiful morning). It gave me peace to know Michael was near. I love you and really miss you Mike.
Love Dad

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From the day we Christianed Mike he was special to us. We helped celebrate all his young Birthdays. In his adult years we always enjoyed a visit from him. He kept us up on all of his work projects and his latest vacations. We will always keep him and his family in our hearts.

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What a genuine thrill it was to see my daughter, Allyson, dressed beautifully in a green gown for Junior Prom and an even greater thrill that Mike was her date. He was so handsome and so incredibly polite, obviously brought up in a loving home.
He looked so different that evening than he did on the Saturday morning ski trips to Bristol. He always had a gentle smile but was a “hot dogger” along with Brian Beh. A wonderful young man and a credit to his family and friends. Walk with God, Mike.

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It’s not often you meet someone who is genuinely nice – someone who will literally drop everything for someone to help, even if it’s not for a “best friend.” Mike was one of those people. In fact, he might be the only person I really have gotten to know that is just an all around good person.

In a moment of brilliance, I left my car keys on Nantucket which was a big problem when I got to Hyannis at 9:30pm. I didn’t know what to do. I found Mike’s number in my phone book from when I had first met him the summer before. I didn’t know him very well, but I took a chance and called him. He was ready to drive me, someone who he didn’t really know all that well, back to Boston so I could get my spare keys then drive all the way back to the Cape … in one night.

I can’t recall another time when someone has shown such generosity and compassion for me … even though it was my own stupidity that got me into the situation in the first place. I’m fairly sure that my best friends would not have offered to do that for me. It’s something that I will always remember, and I hope some day I can take a page out of Mike’s book and show that same generosity and compassion to someone in need.

My heart goes out to Mike’s family.

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