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Bailey Gril, Happy Brithday Gril, scaroma, brian perfusion, rip pain…Denise (from work) had us in stitches with her ‘i’ ‘r’ mix-ups and other interesting miss-spellings…how we laughed and laughed!

We, however, did not laugh at Harold and Kumar’s Xmas movie..we were mortified at how horrible it was..

I remember the day first day we met so clearly, I don’t think people thought we’d hit it off like we did – fast friends! I will hold your gift of friendship dear to my heart forever.

Til we meet again..xxoo

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In memory of Mike’s cake decorating days at Hanks! :)

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ThirtysMike, myself, Nikki and Brian. Three of my best friends in our favorite bar to go to when they were in town. Thanks to everyone that came out to Thirstys on Friday night. We had many fun memories there and I know Mike was smiling to know we were all there celebrating him.

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I am so sorry I couldn’t make it to the services on Friday. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with your family. I have so many great childhood memories of Mike (and the whole Giunta family) thank you for giving me the opportunity to make those memories with you!

My daughter Cassidy recently decided to cut her hair and donate it to Locks of Love. Locks of Love provides wigs to children who, because of illness, have lost their hair. I also was able to raise a small amount of money in the process. Because my fondest memories of Mike are from childhood, I (after getting the OK from Cassidy) have decided to make the donation in Mike’s honor.

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Mike-Giunta-Cape-Cod-Bay-June-2007Willy’s boat – Cape Cod – June, 2007

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