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For me Mike was the most genuine, caring and thoughtful person. Mike had a certain way about him where his level of sincerity was unbelievable. Unfortunately, our friendship was short lived, but there where very few dull moments. On some occasions I’d stop by his place and we’ed have a great talk usually about me if it were about one of us. He would bring out the best in me, and see things that I didn’t. He definitively was a trustworthy person that was full of optimism. Mike and I had a lot in common. When we went up to Vermont to celebrate my birthday we went on and on about the dynamics of growing up in our families with lots of great memories. In the end though it was how our mother’s were are best friends and greatest fans.

Mike you will always be and inspiration and you will never be forgotten

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I was lucky enough to call Mike one of my best friends. We had lots of great times together over the years but some of our best times were on my boat ( calling it a boat might be a stretch- more like a glorified canoe). At the time I acquired my boat, I knew absolutely nothing about boats other than that they were supposed to float. Mike was the resident boat expert since his dad had a boat so he quickly was dubbed Captain. So off we went one sunny Cape summer day to the busy town pier to take our boat on its maiden voyage, after waiting for what seemed like forever it was finally our turn to put the boat in the water. Mike as the captain was in the boat as I reversed the boat trailer into the water with a lot of “left” and “right” from Mike. I was so proud that I had actually reversed the boat into the water and Mike quickly unhooked the boat from the trailer. As I started to pull up the ramp, full of pride about my latest accomplishment, I heard Mike shouting as well as soon bystanders at the pier, “the boat is sinking!!!” Like a true captain, Mike stayed on the sinking boat as I comically tried to reverse the trailer back down the ramp. Fortunately a bystander, who was finally able to stop laughing, was able to reverse my truck and save Mike and the boat. As it turns out, we had failed to close the two drainage plugs in the boat… You would think this would have been enough to end our boating careers immediately, not so, we drained the water out of our boat and started out on the first of many boating trips together. I have never taken the boat out without my captain and I dare say my boat will ever see the water again. My heart goes out to you all. Mike was a wonderful friend and I will miss him always.
With Sympathy,

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To the Giunta family–words cannot begin to express how sorry I am for your loss. As Mike’s 3rd and 5th grade teacher at Ontario Elementary, I remember his sweet face and disposition as if it were yesterday. Please know he will never be forgotten.

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I was lucky enough to count Mike as one of my best friends for the past eleven years, We met in Boston when I moved there after college and quickly became inseparable and had the most fun together doing everything and nothing. Throughout the years Mike and I have enjoyed adventures in Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket and beyond. When my husband and I had our first child he became the most wonderful “Uncle Mike” they could have, being there right after each child was born and being a part of every birthday and celebration. My whole family was enriched by Mike’s presence in our lives, and he was a part of so many celebrations and family events that we counted him as a true member of our family. Every event was enriched by Mike’s presence, and nothing will ever be as good without him. My heart is broken, and I know that there is not a day that will pass when I will not miss my wonderful friend. I know that my children will forever hear stories about their “Uncle Mike” and he will live in our memories.

My love and deepest, most sincere condolences go out to Tom, Kathy, Ryan and all of Mike’s family. You are in my thoughts constantly and I thank you for bringing such a wonderful person into the world and making him the caring, funny, loving person he was.


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It’s hard to write anything when your crying so hard. Mike was such a wonderful guy and will be missed by all his family. We just must believe he is sitting next to his Grandmother with a big smile on his face…..looking down on us all. My love goes out to Tom…Kathy…Ryan and Lindsey
You all are in my thoughts and prayers


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Wishing we could have made it home for the memorial tomorrow but knowing we will always keep him in our hearts. Even though Mike is my “2nd” cousin I spent more time with him growing up than most of my 1st cousins. I will always remember the good times we spent working together at Hank’s, learning to decorate cakes, keeping up a friendly competition of who was better at it. Mike always watched out for me and I am thankful for that. I’ve never forgotten how after Ronnie and I broke up in high school Mike was the one who dragged me out to parties and after work get together’s to keep me busy. When I was most down, he was there and I will remain grateful for that. His quick wit and sense of humor were such incredible gifts. Really wish we all lived closer as adults. Tom, Kathy, Ryan and Lindsey, our love, thoughts and prayers are with you.

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