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As the one year anniversary of Michael’s passing approaches, my wish is for everyone to take a moment from your busy lives reflect on him and to always “Remember Mike”. Remember his handsome face and smile, his quick wit and humor, his kindness and giving spirit, his dedication to his patients, family and friends, his willingness to drop everything for anyone in need…the list goes on and on.
He was truly a “gift” to all who knew and loved him. My favorite thing to say to my sons at Christmas, birthdays or any holiday for that matter: “I don’t need gifts, YOU’RE my gift”! God provided us with two beautiful sons and I treasure that “gift” each and every day! Our time with Mike was much shorter than we planned on, but the memories together go way beyond the years and they will stay in my heart and soul forever.
Soon, Tom and I will be moving to NC to start a new chapter in our life’s journey. It’s bittersweet for certain, but at the same time, we are confident that it’s the right decision and we are looking forward to many more wonderful memories ahead.
So “Remember Mike” on March 28th and know that he would not want us to continue in being sad when we think of him, but to carry on as he always did with strength, dignity, humor and kindness to others. Our love to all.

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