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This has become a journal of sorts and today is 5 months since Michael’s passing (it seems like 5 years)! The #28 will stay with me forever for so many reasons, but my challenge is how to turn that “negative” into a “positive” and I will! I enjoy writing, but not just about sadness. Michael gave us so much joy, so many funny (and not so funny) childhood stories to tell and awesome memories. I hope others will continue to remember and to share their funny stories with him through this site…its helps us heal. Thanks so much Ry & Linds for developing this site with help from friends…I love you!

As I was going through childhood photos of Mike and Ryan the other day, I was reminded me of how blessed we are and that gave me such comfort. Sadly, some parents never get to experience that in a lifetime :( The pictures brought a smile to my face and although I miss him, his calls, his caring ways more than words can express…..I know that he is with me always and in my heart forever. I’m going to share a quote that I truly believe in and have always shared with my boys “The most important things in life, aren’t “things”! So collect moments, not “things”. Love, “Chatty Kathy”

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