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Sadly, this will be my last entry, but on a positive note, I am beginning to “breathe again” although the pain of his loss is still and will always be present. Mike’s love, memories, words, acts of kindness will always sustain me….and I will always be so very proud of him! He is and will always be in ALL of our hearts FOREVER (esp. during “pumpkin season”… Pumpkin Lattes :)

I am so grateful to Ryan for establishing this website for everyone to visit and keep updated, but most of all, for establishing the Michael T. Foundation. But, since this site hasn’t been visited in quite some time, we decided as a family not continue it.

BUT…I will continue raising awareness to the causes that were near and dear to his heart. Mike dedicated his life to his family, friends, patients and co-workers. I will always respect and honor him for that! Through the Michael T. Foundation, we were able to provide several scholarships to students going into a medical field and also donate to health related organizations that were related to Mike’s career focus. Thank you for supporting us!

As I said when he passed away, I was blessed with TWO great sons (Thank you God) and I now need to focus my energy on the future and look forward to many more happy memories together as a family.

Our new address is:
3605 Cumberland Creek Rd, apt. 203 Raleigh, NC 27613. Please keep in touch.

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