Suzi (Ronnie & kids too)

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Wishing we could have made it home for the memorial tomorrow but knowing we will always keep him in our hearts. Even though Mike is my “2nd” cousin I spent more time with him growing up than most of my 1st cousins. I will always remember the good times we spent working together at Hank’s, learning to decorate cakes, keeping up a friendly competition of who was better at it. Mike always watched out for me and I am thankful for that. I’ve never forgotten how after Ronnie and I broke up in high school Mike was the one who dragged me out to parties and after work get together’s to keep me busy. When I was most down, he was there and I will remain grateful for that. His quick wit and sense of humor were such incredible gifts. Really wish we all lived closer as adults. Tom, Kathy, Ryan and Lindsey, our love, thoughts and prayers are with you.

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